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Building A Better Community Starting With Our Youth

      We here at Helping EveryDay Youth provide community and school base treatment programs that address the external behaviors of youth. Emotional behavioral disturbances of serious antisocial behavior (fighting, arguing/threatening, destroying property, using drugs and alcohol, disrespectful and disobedient conduct, running away, truancy and curfew violations) associated with but not limited to juvenile offenders. Our program is designed to inspire and help at-risk youth to succeed in everyday life.  We are committed to providing education, mentoring, community support, supplies, tools and donations, to help each child thrive and achieve goals well beyond their own expectation.  

The HEDY Mission

We provide life skills coaching, psychotherapy and scholastic instruction to help children imagine and create a life they envision.  We expand the knowledge of community resources and encourage children to use their voices to gain a sense of belonging.

The HEDY Vision

Children and families thrive, flourish and grow physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

The HEDY Culture

We are a corporate family committed to respect and honoring the communities we serve. While partnering with communities, and fostering strategic alliances, we build relationships and explore opportunities. 

Inspire Kids

We believe that we have a unique opportunity to inspire communities and to make a lasting, positive change for the good. Here at Helping EveryDay Youth we help children and families take action on topics they care about.


While our programs emphasize different issues and different engagement techniques, each aims to inspire children by:

  • Focusing on the power and ingenuity of youth to make positive changes in the community
  • Reinforcing children actions through strategic philanthropy focused on the local community
  • Providing resources and tools for children and families through life skills groups, and outpatient services
  • Building upon the unique reach and assets in our community